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Of course, my $350bn figure, btw, only includes money given directly to the Department of War... err excuse me the Department of Defense. It does not include the indirect costs such as VA, military pensions, NSA, DoE, etc.

In total, we're spending in the neighborhood of $500bn/year more on military than we were 10 years ago (some estimates of total defense related spending go as high as $1.4 trillion a year).

Well, we need to develope new weapons systems! I agree, but even the hugely costly weapons systems brought up here don't even begin to explain that increase. The F-35 has accrued about $50 billion in R&D costs, and estimates for a "full" production run (which has not occured) are another $200bn. How long has the f-35 been in development? 15 years? So, even if we had expended that $250 billion (we haven't) that only accounts for $17bn a year.

What about the Ford Class? The Ford class is an overhaul of the Nimitz, and the cost to produce the first one is pegged @ $42 billion (R&D + unit cost). That class has been under way for 10 years, so we're talking $4bn/yr a year for the last decade.

So, those two major new weapons systems have added ~$20bn/year to spending.

So again, what has the rest of that $350bn bought us?

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