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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
What good is a military that drives the economy that supports it into the ground because of its exorbitant cost?

For example, the F-35 JSF:

You need to be carefully when you start using then year dollars, because many time the OSD/Services comptrollers use inflation factors that are higher then actually inflation and you need to bring them all costs into 2001 base years dollars to compare apples to apples.

For the F35, it is interesting case study. The idea behind it was to single up the requirements across the 3 services (AF, Navy and MC) and have single vehicle capable of support each services mission. The idea was the upfront cost (R&D, manufacturing,productions)would be greater, but the O&S cost (where over 80% of the cost of weapon system is) would be less with common parts, spares, training and logistics requirements. Great idea but when you jerk around the industrial base you start to cost growth which wasn't planned for.
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