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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Most of the ass clowns have never been in the military and do not have a clue on what is required to keep them operational. Nor the manning of such.

I suspect their " REAL" knowledge of the military is from their commie professors in college.

Which explains all of the stupidity.
Or being a member of a Navy family with 6 former and 2 active members, oh and a former 3-star admiral's opinion...

"We are using the wrong force-sizing metric, from the Cold War, today. It's about capability and about that you can have a more agile and smarter order to go get the adversary... What kind of capability, not size, do you need to accomplish your mission?"
Also, indirectly quoting him: The force-sizing metric that is still in the new strategy by Panetta is the same strategy that Gen. Powell used in 1990, which is that we have to be able to fight two land wars, two stressing scenarios, in Iraq and South Korea simultaneously. Now that there is no longer a war in Iraq, and our military says that we can support South Korea through air power only, what's missing in this debate is a force capability metric, not one that's just based on how many ships, how many aircraft, when each of them is capable of doing so much more than they were before.

And another direct quote:

"[The Military] is not a jobs program. It's a find and defeat the enemy program.
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