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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Most of the ass clowns have never been in the military and do not have a clue on what is required to keep them operational. Nor the manning of such.

I suspect their " REAL" knowledge of the military is from their commie professors in college.

Which explains all of the stupidity.
What good is a military that drives the economy that supports it into the ground because of its exorbitant cost?

For example, the F-35 JSF:

The jets would cost taxpayers $396 billion, including research and development, if the Pentagon sticks to its plan to build 2,443 by the late 2030s. That would be nearly four times as much as any other weapons system and two-thirds of the $589 billion the United States has spent on the war in Afghanistan. The military is also desperately trying to figure out how to reduce the long-term costs of operating the planes, now projected at $1.1 trillion.
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