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Originally Posted by Mountain Bronco View Post
He is learning far more from being around and watching PFM than he would have at Arizona freaking State.
That may well be true, obviously I hope it is. But you could have picked anyone to study underneath Manning, and just because he is doing so under Manning doesn't guarantee to translate to anything. He also cost himself millions of dollars but not staying and coming out with a weaker qb class. Only time will tell if he made the correct decision to leave early.

However there is no substitute for experience, not even knowledge.

I trust John. I have been on board since day one with him given the success former players seem to be having across the league in similar positions, such as the team the Broncos play this week with Ozzie Newsome. But it's human nature to gravitate towards and have stronger positive connections to things/people we are already familiar with. If you don't think the decision to draft Osweiler wasn't impacted by a personal familiar relationship even in Elway's most subconscious levels, you are fooling yourself. Perhaps the decision wasn't entirely predicated (I can't possibly imagine it was) on their relationship, but without question to me the thoughts of his son were somewhere in his mind when he drafted Brock.
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