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Mike Shanahan

I did a chunk of the shopping online for obscure stuff:

Got my daughter this iPod case for her touch

And this backpack for fun:

And other things like that. I also got a groupon for skeetshooting for me, the gf, and her parents for an hour (approx $140) and another for couples ballroom dancing lessons.

Then I did the bulk of my shopping at Kohls. They've got great sales right now, and you can find coupons for another 20% off AND they give you $10 in Kohls cash for every fifty you spend (so now I've got another hundred to blow on whatever I want )

Grabbed a ton of girl clothes for my daughter
Cheap jewelry (she's 9)
Perfume for the gf and then some cheaper stuff (Candies) for the kiddo
Nerf guns for some little boy cousins
Car wet/dry vac for gf's dad (OCD type cleanly) for only $13 BEFORE discount
Hello kitty snuggy and slippers for kiddo
Bunch of coffee K-Cups

Even grabbed these:

Even threw in a pair of these for me:

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