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All of your WR are all solid, but inconsistent. Garcon has been good lately though, but with RGIII uncertain he is a tough play. Decker is inconsistent as well as of late, not getting in the endzone. Austin and Colston are also both hit or miss and on teams with lots of WR, but Austin could have upside now.
Im leaning Austin/Colston for that reason. Hoping Colston sees targets against TB's garbage pass defence but the others im not sure of at all. Jennings has been a total bust for me and has done little other than repeatedly piss me off. I know well im going to bench the **** against Chicago though and he'll come up with 140 yds and 2 TDs. Decker has done the square root of **** all since about week ten now. Garcon was looking good til RG3 got hurt, now i don't trust him with Cousins possibly throwing to him and Haden on shutdown duty. Austin is very risky against that Steelers D too though. Ugh. Not only that but my friend who was one spot above me in waiver priority picked up Danario Alexander for his 5th place playoff semifinal. FML
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