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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post

They got a retread USSR boat that they mangled into an "aircraft carrier" that they have no experience in properly using. We've got decades of experience in carrier tactics that will take China decades to learn.

What is it with you right-wingers and your desperate desire for an enemy? Too much reading of Clancy thinking it's non-fiction or what?
We use an 11 carrier strategy. How far would you reduce that down? Carriers have a 50 yr lifespan, cost 225 million a yr to run, have what 5000 troops on them? and the newest design, the Ford class gets delivered in 2015. Then we are supposed to get another one every 7yrs i think it is as we retire the old one. I believe we have one retiring very soon though i dont know the name.

So China needs at least another 2-3 yrs just to trian enough pilots to land on a real carrier. When they finally get it down, practicing with their Russian POS, it will probably be close to 7 yrs from now. So yes a ways away. But once they do learn they could churn out 2-3-4 carriers 15 yrs from now. Maybe 20.

Carriers take a long time to build and if we don't keep building them you lose the shipyards ability to build them. They dont just sit there tooled up waiting for the govt to say ok build another one.

i believe in the 11 carrier strategy, but i would agree since we are broke it could be paired down to a 10 carrier strategy.

China is lame now but working hard and spending billions to catch us. Russia hates us again and can't be trusted. People get complacent and think the world could never have a huge war again but your wrong. Eventually when resources dry up the superpowers are going to tangle all over the world.

Thats why we are building 3 of the zumwalt class destoryers. They can fire rocket propelled artilliary 500 miles. 1000 pound shells 500 miles. Think about that for a second. That is built for one reason, to control the sea around Thialand, phillipines, japan etc.

Don't kid yourself we go at it with China. Having the biggest military is expensive but we need it. The reason we havent had big wars is because we are so much more powerful countries fear our reprisals. Like I said you don't hear Obama talking about military cuts being so important. ITS TAXES TAXES ALWAYS TAXES.
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