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Originally Posted by ghwk View Post
He's just an angry old man. Picture a muppet sitting in the balcony, but not as funny.
ahahahahahaha Angry not a chance I have seen the ebb and flow of liberalism for decades..

I know it will reverse just like it did when carter fubared the economy back in the late 70's it is a matter of time before everyone figures it out and votes conservative the next time around..

I worked hard for many years and am quite happy with my life.. Retired making good money off of secure investments. Two houses paid for, cars all paid for, just completely remodeled this house (except for the converted garage, which is next to be done to make it my fitness room), ZERO DEBT as I stopped using charge cards a decade ago. Pool, hot Spa, sauna, Gourmet kitchen, have my 3D home theater to watch movies when I want, living the good life..

How about you?
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