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As always, the San Francisco defense HAS to step up. NE wasn't going to be afraid of Alex Smith, either. San Francisco is a rare case where the quarterback doesn't really make a difference...
SF and Seattle are reflections of each other, albeit in a dirty mirror. Kinda like one you'd find if you drunkenly stumbled into a strip club's dressing room: you're immersed in darkness and bleary-eyed and blinking through the boob glitter you've accumulated on your eyelashes over the night's events. Anyway:

SF is 13th in scoring. Seattle is 15th.
SF is 2nd in rushing offense. Seattle is 4th.

Both have young, dynamic QBs and lean on their respective defenses, who are #1 overall for SF and #2 overall for Seattle.

Two of NE's losses this season have come against the NFCW.

I think SF can help a brotha out. They'd better, considering the fact they gave us Pelosi.
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