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Yup, 42-20 is bowss! The tide is actually a 51-30 as well, I just love the way that the black numbers pop on the white!

You might really like the silver Player. My good friend finally got his in the mail, VERY secksay. He managed to get the Silver one before it went out of stock. Super classy, great simple design.

They have a ton of reasonably priced, classy as ****, beautifully designed stuff.

DAMMIT I might be watch shopping tonight haha
I just saw that one at a zumiez. I guess you can order online from them, and they find it in their shops around the country. The only thing I don't like about the white ones are they are made to chip, making it a vintage antique type look. The expensive ones (over 1,000) have white ones that don't chip. The player xl is sweet but at 1,200. The player has all kinds of cool colors. I never liked the square designs much but this one I'm gonna have to get. It's reasonable at 225

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