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Originally Posted by 2KBack View Post
I'm not a fan of this perspective....Some of the teams Denver beat are dangerous teams, the Bucs play everyone tough, as does Carolina actually, and despite all their turmoil the Saints have the ability to beat any team. Take away the losses to Denver and a lot of these team look better.
I hear ya. We can only beat who we play. Winning 8 straight is impressive regardless who you beat. But, at the same time, all of those teams have losing records because they just aren't very good. Tampa, for example, just lost at home to a terrible Eagles team starting a lot of rookies and backups. You mention the Saints and Panthers. They're 5-8 and 4-9, respectively. I'm thrilled with what this team has done and where they are. I just think this Baltimore game will be a good indicator of what/who we really are. I want to see us beat a good team on the road.
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