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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
Yeah not sure why I didn't post something earlier. Anyways, here's two sites for people:

This place has Chris Harris on the 22nd or so, and then a week later Ronnie Hillman. This is the definition of a mom and pop type store, but the owner is super nice.

The second place (which did Von tonight) has two locations, is a little more professional/organized, but both places are cool. This place that had Von just had Demaryius a week or two ago, which I missed. Maybe they have the resources for bigger names?

Anyways, just sign up for their e-mail updates. There may be others, perhaps Field Of Dreams? But these are what I've found so far.
When I lived in Colorado, I went to Mike's Stadium Sports Cards, that guy is an awesome owner of the place. He needs to do a better job with an online presence IMO, but has built a great standing with the locals already there.

One guy I really, really, really want to meet and get an autograph of is Champ Bailey.

Also, I do believe the amount the autograph is determined by the player. That is a decent price for Von actually, some might think its steep but yeah.
Consider some more established/HOF guys charge $100-$200 for a signature, then yeah.
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