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I'm all for cutting any military spending that isn't needed. What big projects have the liberals thrown out for me to agree or disagree with?

Some of the big projects off the top of my head would be new aircraft carriers, one of which is already being built i believe. The f-35 i guess right? And then i think some new submarines. Then of course the new stealth destroyer that was scuttled, but then Obama restarted it to have i think 4 of them built. They are literally that expensive where even with our spending we can only build a few.

So the new Carrier actually has the updated powerplant. The old nuclear reactor powerplant was outdated and has some serious problems. I think its pretty important to move forward with the new Ford class which gets delivered first one 2015. Maybe though as we get the new ones we could go from having an 11 carrier fleet to a more modern 9 or 10 carrier fleet. But really the money is in staffing them. 250 million a yr to run a carrier. They have a 50 yr lifespan so just saying have 1 less actually is a big deal over 50 yrs.

f-35? I guess we could order less of them but we have to have them.

Really the biggest saving on the military would have to come be cutting troops. I like the idea of young people being able to join the military. Not sure i want it cut the amount it would take to save any real money. Tell me how many troops do you want to say go find a new job?

The point on the green energy is that Obama wasted a ton of money and its not smart to do that. Solar is a loser. Here in Calif we have a stupid mandate to get 20% from solar. All it has done is raise rates through the roof. Forcing this stuff is stupid. Having a strong military isn't.
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