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Not sure if you realize this or not but most NFL teams script their first 15 plays or so. It's a pretty common thing. I'm not going to argue that McD is not a great coordinator because he is. But we've seen many a time, that doesn't automatically mean a guy is HC material. So many more things go into being a good HC. Josh obviously was not ready for it. Not saying he never will. Most guys do learn quite a bit from their first go around, then again some don't.
No, most NFL teams don't script their plays... many do, I don't know the number but to say the majority do is a little bit of a stretch.

No it's not 15 plays either, do you realize how many sorry offensive teams out there? To be able to script 15 straight plays would be an OC with a very bright mind.

Bill Walsh started all this and he did around 20, and that was amazing. Shanny did what? Like 10-15 plays?...

Patriots didn't script plays until this year...

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