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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Just like a liberal change the subject when they can not add something meaningfully to the topic.

Just gave away a 132 million in Nobama money to the Chinese and that was the best commet you have?

Perhaps that is not a lot of money to a liberal, but it is to me. you know a 100 mil here and another 132 there and few other boondoggles in green pearls and all of a sudden you have another trillion wasted.
The point is we piss away at least 10x more than $132m every day on military spending, yet I never hear cutlet complain about that.

R&D is risky. The bulk of it fails. The expectation that every (or even more than a small percentage of) project/grant/etc. will produce a positive ROI is hysterically out of touch with reality.
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