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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by Action View Post
Thanks for breaking down like that.

I've been trying to make it clear to people, that this is a product of what McDaniels started in Denver when he started scripting plays here.

He's brought that over to NE and it was evolved with their "one word" no huddle and that's what leads them to their blazing fast starts.

Scripting obviously started with Shanahan but that was only for like 9-12 plays. McDaniels had turned that into like 3-4 drives or almost the whole 1st qtr+.

Just a little Denver history.

And I'm not sure if McCoy has the creativity to script anything.
Not sure if you realize this or not but most NFL teams script their first 15 plays or so. It's a pretty common thing. I'm not going to argue that McD is not a great coordinator because he is. But we've seen many a time, that doesn't automatically mean a guy is HC material. So many more things go into being a good HC. Josh obviously was not ready for it. Not saying he never will. Most guys do learn quite a bit from their first go around, then again some don't.
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