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Brian Dawkins

Originally Posted by Hamrob View Post
Denver's 8 game winning streak:

1. Chargers
2. Saints
3. Bengals
4. Panthers
5. Chargers
6. Chiefs
7. Bucs
8. Raiders

Other wins:

1. Oak
2. Pitt


1. Texans
2. Falcons
3. Pats

Exactly how many Playoff caliber teams have we faced...and how many of those teams have we beat

Look, stats are stats....but, I wouldn't put much into our rankings until we start playing playoff teams.
We lost to the Falcons and the Texans by six points each in Peyton's first three games with the team (and it took him throwing 3 picks in the one quarter for us to lose to the Falcons), and I think everybody would agree that this team has only gotten better since then.

One of the wild cards is almost certainly going to the Steelers or the Bengals, and we beat both of them.

The only two teams to beat the Falcons this year are the Saints and the Panthers, and we dominated both of them. Plus, the Buccaneers have been in contention for a playoff spot for most of the season until recently, so they're playoff-caliber.

I dislike the argument that we haven't beaten anybody. The Patriots lost to Seattle, Baltimore, and Arizona(!) and were this close to losing to Buffalo and the Jets, it's not like their schedule has been a gauntlet either.
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