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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
Actually that quote makes a lot of sense. Since 2005 the most away games a super bowl team could possible play is 21 (7 years times 3 away playoff games per season). On average a team plays 0.83 away games in the playoffs per year (5 away games per 6 teams), that means in 7 seasons the Super bowl champ can be expected to have played in 6 away games and obviously would have won them all. The actual number is twice the expectation value indicating that the super bowl winning team has had a much lower than expected seed in several of the last 7 seasons.
This post made my head hurt, Can't we just have some more posts were we just point at kFc fans and laugh?

Or talk about relativity that would be easier than figuring out what Peter King is trying to say.
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