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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I tend to agree, but the Pats seem to always do it, year after year, so there might be something to it. What always annoys me is how teams never seem to bring their A-game against them. And im not talking about getting their ass kicked, im talking about dropping passes, missing wide open guys. Hell, even McGahee dropped that wide open 4th and 1 against them
I would beleive that since they are the team to beat more pressure is on NOT to make mistakes.

The more the veteran team, with constants in the front office, (the same coaching staff for more than a year) the better the odds of coaching more advanced principles than the basics most of this year year for us has been.

While hanging on to the seems basic, loads more pressure to do so, means trying to hard sometimes.

Whereas the Pats have been doing it for going on a decade with only the very newbies with butter fingers. Even then it is not a new scheme AGAIN this year for everyone.
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