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Originally Posted by SonOfLe-loLang View Post
I still dont think the videotaping done by the Patriots was a big deal. They were just taping someone everyone saw anyway, and something Belichick even stated didnt help much.
Of course he's gonna say (after being caught) that "it didn't help much". I'd counter, however... that if it really didn't help much, then why would they have bothered to do it? It seems pretty clear to me that if it wasn't at least somewhat helpful, then they wouldn't have done it (and risked getting caught and sanctioned by the league). Common sense says that the only reason for breaking the rules is if you did, in fact, gain a competitive edge from it. To me, Belichick's statement appears to be nothing more than "damage control" after being caught.... "minimizing and rationalizing" what he chose to do. And had he not been caught, he would still be doing it.
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