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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
Outside of actual strips or hard hits that pop the ball out, I'm hard-pressed to agree with you on this. If an opposing back or receiver isn't practicing good ball security and a routine tackle causes a fumble, your defense lucked out. If a QB laterals the ball like **** and you are able to jump on the loose ball, your defense lucked out. A lot of fumbles aren't really "forced", let's be honest. They're just the offense ****ing up.
I tend to agree, but the Pats seem to always do it, year after year, so there might be something to it. What always annoys me is how teams never seem to bring their A-game against them. And im not talking about getting their ass kicked, im talking about dropping passes, missing wide open guys. Hell, even McGahee dropped that wide open 4th and 1 against them
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