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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
Ok, so it was just teams I played on in pee-fuggen-wee football that coached this. Got it, thanks!
Let me get this straight. You think all NFL teams dedicate the same exact amount of practice time and resources to forcing fumbles, and the Patriots are just "lucky"?

Even you could agree that your claim is not competitively nor mathematically possible. The same as it's not possible for every team to spend the same exact amount of time in redzone situations, or defending the hurry-up run game. claims that recovering fumbles is pure dumb luck, I contend that it's not. If it was, the story would not have came out that the Broncos began to practice "scooping" fumbles before the Raider game (no reason to practice if it's pure dumb luck right?).

Likewise, forcing fumbles, is also not just pure dumb luck, otherwise teams would not practice forcing fumbles. Belicheat plays the law of averages (that's why he defers kickoffs at the start of games), and that's why he devotes so much practice time to forcing fumbles.
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