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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by swaiy View Post
The defamation suit was what I was talking about.

Lets be real here. Wasnt it the NFL that said they had over 18,000 pieces of evidence proving these players were in fact participating in a bounty program? If that is the case, why were the suspensions vacated? Why did he say the Saints as an organization contaminated the entire case? How is that possible if they submitted all the evidence to the league?

This doesnt vindicate the players at all. This basically says, "we will remove the suspensions but we cant admit we were wrong because that would give Vilma's defamation suit traction."

Also, by vacating the player suspensions and putting it on the coaches, they can still justify keeping Payton and Williams suspended.
Tagliabue said point blank that the players had committed acts detrimental to the league but he wouldn't punish them for reasons that only he currently understands.

The defamation suit contents that Goodell defamed Vilma by claiming that Vilma offered a bounty on Brett Favre. Tagliabue saying that the players and by extension Vilma did in fact commit acts detrimental to the league (he didn't specify what those acts might be) doesn't mean Vilma didn't offer a bounty on Favre and I doubt anyone would be able to successfully spin it that way.

There is no question there was a bounty program, only a few Saints fans and players seem to somehow live under the misguided notion that it didn't occur. The question is whether the players participated in said program actively beyond what could be expected by being pressured by the coaching staff and if they lied about it during the NFL investigation. It seems that Tagliabue has found that the players didn't participate more than what could be expected by pressure from the coaching staff and for some reason he doesn't feel the need to punish the players for lying.
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