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Originally Posted by 55CrushEm View Post
Agreed. Still shocking to think we won't get a bye with a record that good. But those are the breaks with tiebreaking scenarios. Pats, Houston and Denver will all probably finish 13-3.

But as I say......I really don't think we'll drop to #4.....because even if we lose to the Ratbirds....they will still drop 1 more game. I also think Houston drops 1 to Indy.....Houston is struggling bad on defense the last 3 weeks. Jax should have beaten them, and Detroit too.

Anyway, for the people whining about facing New England in the second won't happen if Houston drops 1 and New England wins out.....both highly likely.
I agree with you that NE will win out and Houston will lose 1...but then if we lose a game (balt) we would still be in line to face NE in the second round.

Again, I think we can beat anyone. I'm just annoyed that we can go 13-3 and be top 3 in offense and defense and have good special teams and not even get a bye much less home field throughout
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