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We will NOT lose!

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We can STILL get the bye.

Maybe Houston is really starting to slide. They still have to play
3 games and 2 are against Indy. They still haven't been able to clinch their division, and only finally won it last year becasue Peyton couldn't play. If they lose next week that team will get desperate....and desparation usually leads to turnovers and more losing.

Maybe the 49ers can get to Brady next week, maybe not.

There is only ONE thing the Broncos can control...they can beat anyone they play and let the scoreboard tell the story. Win out and see where we are, at the end.

We will play whoever is sent to Denver and beat them. If thats the first round or not is secondary to it being a playoff game. Going on the road has
NOT been a problem for this team since the beginning of the year . We lost the first 2 and have won 5 in row on the road since, with 2 being to the East coast.

It would be nice to have a bye.... but it isn't necessary.
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