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Originally Posted by canadianbroncosfan View Post
You keep missing the part where that would put the Pats up on us. They have the 49ers next week (who just lost to St. Louis) followed by the Jags and 'Phins. The Pats win tonight and they all but seal the one seed. Only difference with that is that Houston would still be ahead of us. You keep thinking that the Pats winning helps us, it actually puts us in line for the #3 seed. But keeping plugging it your magic calculator where you think it helps us.
I'm not missing that at all...

A pats win increases the chances that Denver can get HFA...Fact.

It's also a fact that a pats win increases the chances that Denver gets the #3 seed.....But so what?

HFA > having to play an extra game against a 6 seed.
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