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Malik Jackson

Still think it comes down to Miller and Watt. Smith is a one trick pony and doesn't play the run as well as Miller or Watt.

Just look at the stats.

Tackles - 57
Sacks - 16
Forced Fumbles - 6
Fumble Recoveries - 0
Ints - 1
Defensive TDs - 1
Pass Defensed - 2
Stuffs - 12

Tackles - 60
Sacks - 16.5
Forced Fumbles - 1
Fumble Recoveries - 2
Ints - 0
Defensive TDs - 0
Pass Defensed - 15
Stuffs - 14

Tackles - 57
Sacks - 19.5
Forced Fumbles - 3
Fumble Recoveries - 0
Ints - 0
Defensive TDs - 0
Pass Defensed - 0
Stuffs - 2

Smith is a one trick pony that gets more opportunities to rush the passer, but is not near as good as miller or watt in stopping the run.

Watt's passes defensed is insane considering he is a lineman and doesn't drop into coverage, but that allows him to just concentrate on stopping the run and rushing the passer while jumping at the opportune time to bat the ball down.

Miller drops into coverage more than both and gets less opportunities to rush the passer. Stops the run equally as well as watt. Lacks the passes defensed vs watt, but has a lot more FFs.

Watt and Miller are the more complete players than Smith. I'd give the edge to Watt still with the crazy passes defenses, but if Miller can get a couple more FFs or another TD he may get the edge. If Smith breaks the sack record then I guess all bets are off, but I still think he isn't as complete a player as Watt or Miller.
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