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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Denver Cap Room- $10 Million

Resign- Clady, Colquitt, Vickerson, Carter, Harris, Bruton

Cut- DJ, Gronkowski, Hester, Haine, Moreno

Let Walk- Porter, Willis, Leonhard, Bannan, Unrein, Ball

Retire- Stokely, Brooking

Free Agency- Austin Collie WR

Draft 2013
1. Barrett Jones C
2. Kevin Minter MLB
3. Le'Veon Bell RB
4. Denard RobinsonWR
5. Brandon Williams DT
7. Aaron Hester CB


1. Clady will definitely be resigned.

2. Chris Harris is not a free agent until 2015.

3. Colquitt, Ball, Carter, Siliga, Unrein are Restricted Free Agents, all should be back. I GREATLY expect Siliga to replace Bannan and Unrein to replace Vickerson, with a draft pick filling out depth.

4. Agree that Moreno is defnitely gone. 3.4m cap hit, which is a million more than McGahee. He's not going to restructure, he'll want to test Free Agency after finishing strong this year. In a crappy RB market, he'll get paid by someone.

5. I doubt Stokley retires. I think we'll draft a slot WR for him to train for a year at least. From all accounts, Stokley is enjoying himself and feels fine. He's not rich enough to retire early when he could re-up for another million next season. I definitely expect a slot WR in the first four rounds of the draft though.

6. They probably do let Willis go, but we've really invested a lot of money and time in his training over the last few years. Austin Collie would make sense as a replacement.

7. I don't think there is any chance Kevin Minter can be had in the late 2nd. One, he's too good and should go late 1st. Two, if he thinks he won't go Round 1 or maybe tip top of the 2nd, he won't declare for the draft. So, getting him in late round 2 seems like a 0% probability.

8. Don't understand Barrett Jones. Walton was playing well before he got hurt. Blake is his backup. At OG, we have two solid starters, though we do need depth better than Ramirez. That being said, Elway has said early draft picks need to be immediate impact players, so we're not drafting depth in Round 1. You could do Minter in Round 1 and take an OG in Round 2 such as Dallas Thomas or Larry Warford.

9. I don't think Le'Veon is realistic for us. I do think he'll come out, but the only way he falls to the 3rd round is if he runs a 4.65 40. And if he does that, Fox won't want him. He does like big backs as part of a platoon, but they have always been pretty fast from DeShaun Foster to Jonathan Stewart.

10. This is an insanely deep DT draft, but Brandon Williams will be long, long gone by the 5th Round. Some scouts have a 2nd Round grade on him, and there's not many 6'2, 325 lb men that can do what he does. In a weaker DT draft, he'd be a sleeper late 1st round pick.

11. Denard Robinson as a slot WR kind of makes some sense, but I think his future is more like Percy Harvin or Randall Cobb. Those two are moved all over the place and do some of their best work outside. I'm not sure Manning wants that type of player, I think he wants a traditional slot guy working the seam. Not sure that's ever going to be Denard. And I think we'll want a more immediate impact slot guy than Robinson, his training and development would probably take 3-4 years ala Julian Edelman.
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