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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
When that OL was healthy they were very good. Judging them when multiple starters are out for a few weeks isn't the right indicator. They were the 2nd ranked OL at midpoint this year. Branden Albert has only given up 1 sack all year. You think maybe we missed him the last few weeks he was out?

Bowe has said he wants to stay in KC, so I think we'll get a fair deal done. And as for his drops, he has 4. Decker has 7 and Thomas has 8. What does that say for them?

KC is not a 1 year fix like Bob is swaying, but they aren't a complete mess as far as talent on the field. The cup is not bare. I know you find anything to make fun of the Chiefs, but you are reaching here Mr. Broncosteven.
Bowe has been targetted 114 times, and has only 59 catches, sure poor QB play plays into that buy less than 50% of the time he is not coming down with the ball. ESPN's stat site doesn't show drops.

DT has 110 targets and 74 catches, Decker has 98 targets with 64 catches and is close to Bowe's yardage production but smokes him on TD's.

I hope you tag Bowe again and pay him 17Mill or what ever the Franchise number esclates to.

I can't see Bowe not wanting to take a look around the league as a FA after the season is done and see if he can't go to a team that has a chance at a playoff in his lifetime.

BTW you are right, I take any shot I can get to rub the complete suckage in. I saw it shaping up this way last year and all the other trolls (you aren't one) said they were going to win the Division and make noise in the playoffs. Well guess what happened on the way to SB XLVII...
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