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I have a thing about lsu players where i think they look great collectively but in the nfl they dont look as good when they have to be that guy. Lsu has a dominate front 4 helping minter. Convince me why he can stand out amongst nfl talent
I look at strengths of players, their scheme and our scheme. If we ran a more traditional 4-3 I would prefer a Mosely or Ogaltree at MLB because of their athleticism. But we will run the hybrid front and in Nickel more often than not. With Von coming off the edge. And we have WW, DJ, and Trevathan who are three guys for 2 LB spots where we spend majority of our time in those formations. Don't get me wrong Mosely and Ogaltree would be great for their ability to cover, but Ogaltree especially concerns me with his play style, he over runs plays and gets washed out, and he struggles to shed blocks.

Minter's forte is playing downhill against the run, he needs work in coverage, but if most of his snaps are in base he will be sufficient in coverage from base. That's also why I like Reddick, he's rugged and solid in coverage, but he can play down hill against the run. Reddick may have more upside to be a quicker three down MLB. But Andrew Jackson is one of my favorites in that he is so aggressive against the run and getting down hill to attack.

I think you will see John draft a MLB between 2-4.. With it being Minter, Reddick, Jackson, even Bostic. Because in our scheme a MLB is subbed out in favor of coverage LB in the different packages. I wouldn't be opposed to Ogaltree or Mosely but there needs to be bigger DTs in front of them, otherwise I fear they are just on the field for coverage, when we have 3 LBs who currently do that.
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