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Virgil Green

Originally Posted by Gutless Drunk View Post
"Said last week that they had no shot against Manning, haven't beat him in over a decade, and that was with some really good defenses. Combine that with the fact the Broncos have a solid defense and a couple great pass rushers, and I agree that it could get ugly. "

"Peyton Manning is going do something unspeakably horrible to this defense. Reed is going to try and play his same mind games, only to be two steps late to the ball. Lewis will play his same fake audible mind games, until the TEs burn him for 5 and 50. Manning is probably going to go deep all game, since he'll have all day to throw."

"going against arguably the most explosive pass rusher in the NFL. If McKinnie doesn't start next week, Flacco could be injured/dominated. I mean, if there's no change, things could get really, really ugly next week as Peyton Manning will shred Pees' defense to pieces.'

"It does not matter if Ray comes back or not we lose. LMAO !! We could not stop Batch, We could not stop a rookie with less then 12 passes in his career. What makes you think we stop Peyton > Seriously, we are in jeopardy of losing 4 straight when all is said and done"
It's good to know their fans are as flakey as some here on the Mane. They have a 2 game lead in the division, but they lose a couple of tough games and..."the season is lost, let's fire everyone including Harbaugh, Cam, and Pees, and just start over with new players. Oh, and Peyton Manning will carve up their overrated defense for 40 points(I wish)!"
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