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FA's that should be brought in. Steven Jackson. Should replace Moreno and McGahee. If either of those guys want to restructure to stay and give us cap relief then they can stay. Brian Urlacher. No way this guy retires yet without a ring. Can Denver sale him on the hope of winning a SB with Manning? I think they can. Short term fix. Denver plays more of a 5-2 type D anyways. Keep Urlacher fresh is the key. I think we can do that.

As for the draft I haven't really looked at it that hard yet. I know I love Tavon Austin though. LB's I like are Greg Blair. He just stuck out to me as a guy that is in the right place at the right time. Good things happen then. I love Margus Hunt's freak abilities. I doubt he falls that far in the draft though in the third round.

Eric Martin from NU is under-rated and under sized but, is worth a late round pick or UDFA Guy flat out makes plays.
We deff agree on SJax.. I don't think John pursues him unfortunately and I don't see any way Chicago lets Urlacher leave. But I could agree with him being a prime target.
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