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I remember vividly the three times I drank and drove in my lifetime and they were honestly amongst the dumbest decisions I ever made. Once was after a wedding, once was after the 4th of July at a lake and the other was during the winter in Fargo after getting blasted at the bars. After losing two friends in the past several years to that, I will never do it again.

Most any college town has programs set up with their local universities and cab services to get you discount rates anywhere in the area. I know at NDSU when I was in student government, we worked with several cab services to get rates ~ 5 dollars anywhere in the F/M area -- which included West Fargo that was a few miles out of town and away from most all the bars.

For the cost of a drink, you and your friends would get home safe.

RIP to Jerry Brown, peace and love to Cowboys nation.
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