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Pot Roast

I was wondering which Carter.
Don't get me wrong, I like Bell, Big, good speed (for his size) a hard nosed runner. a little suspect as a receiver though.

I love Montee Ball as a RB,he seems to have it all. Decent speed vision can stick a foot in the ground and change direction in the hole. Very dependable very few fumbles.Great production over his career at Wi. IMO the best RB since AP. You may be right someone will probably "reach" for him in the 1st. Then I'll start cursing and deriding the selection.

MLB, RB,and OL depth quality are the most crucial needs we have as a team IMO.
We may have a MLB on the team already (Steven Johnson) udfa from Kansas. Fox and Del RIo really liked him last summer.

We do need better depth at wr. The ladies who post on this board and over at DB.COM get all hot and steamy about E Decker, he isn't getting it done at the level we need IMO. Robinson might be the answer,Deep speed, good hands, running ability.
He does need work though.

TE from Stanford Ertz(?) I really like him. Our Gronk if we can get him.
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