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i know the psychology behind it, i've seen it before.
but at some point you have to realize that if you allow them to keep doing it and they're allowing them to do it.
there's self defense classes, you can alert you family,friends,co-workers, you can go to a shelter, call the cops & various other things.

if the man is willing to beat you so easily that he will do it in front of your kids then he will eventually kill you anyways.

you may think it's ignorant to say but it is no less true. there are too many ways to avoid this type of crap. there is no reason for it.
the men who do it are nothing but little boys trying to achieve some form of manhood. i hate them with a passion.
but for them to be able to have someone to beat on, someone has to be there and willing to take it.

i have a sister and love her to death. if some dude put his hands on her i'd probably go to jail because he'd get severely hurt.
i don't play about men beating on women, that's gutless and personally i think they should be doled out the same punishment they give the women they beat up.
If you leave a batterer and he wants to kill you there is nothing anyone do to stop him. There are hundreds of murder suicides the last 10 years. Easy for you to judge not walking in their shoes.
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