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Bmore Manning

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Tony Carter...

I would rather not take up soo many roster spots with RBs, I like Hester's versatility too, but I would rather carry an extra receiver in Robinson who we know will be a project.

I really like Bell, it's not that I don't like Ball or Lattimore, but I think teams will reach on both, and I'd rather see a better approach.. Watch some YouTube of Bell..

Jones may be there he may not.. But I really like his skill set and how he would solidify the OLine.

Most certainly need to come away with a MLB.. I like Minter, Reddick, Jackson as options in rounds 2-3..Minter may be there he may not.. I see Te'o, Ogaltree, and Mosley going in the first early second. So Minter could be there at 64..

I like Aaron Hester late in the draft from UCLA. He reminds me of Browner from Seattle. He and Bolden are both physical press man corners as depth.

I'd rather see a safety hybrid like Cooper Taylor from Richmond or Kenny Tate from MD, then one of the early safeties.. Adams can back up Moore, and rotate with Carter. Taylor or Tate could fight for reps behind Carter. They remind me of Cam Chancelor in that oversized strong safety mold.
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