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Ben Garland

Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
Gaff that is 40 billion per month with no end date.

Orinjkrush...I have no idea what your financial situation is and how much paper you are sitting on. If you had any amount of paper before Obama's first administration that was the time to convert it or when Garcia started the (Gold is a bad investment thread) Gold was under $1,000 then.

Silver was just $10 bucks.

Gold is a little spendy in the $1,700 range but again it all depends on your financial situation. Silver at $33 is much closer to the $26 price point that it has bottomed out at numerous times since Feb 2011.

Well anyway.....Thanks Ron Paul at least one man gave those who were listening a warning about the fiscal cliff MANY MANY years ago.
thanks Meck. am looking into buying silver rounds/bars. just in case the sun don't come up.
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