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So the Carter resign is for Q Carter? I thought he signed a 4 year rookie contract?

Hester is intriqueing to me he is a 2-way back FB/HB could prove useful in the future if the injury bug hits. Moreno is a servicable rb no world beater by any stretch. but usefull worth keeping I think. McGahee is on his last legs
with this latest injury. May not make the team IMO. Hillman I still don't know
if he has what it takes for the NFL. JJ is using up his ps elegibility and still can't make the roster. Ought to just cut him IMO. So we would only have 2 vet rb on the squad w/Hester & Moreno.( I'm assuming that Ball is gone)

Bruton can't make it as a starter only use is ST.
He scares me when he's in coverage, will always be a 3rd string SS.

Jones I love this guy A runnerup for the outland as a guard, won the outland as a tackle, now starting center for Bama. Man what a player ability and versatility, IMO he'll start climbing the draft boards may go before the 20th pick.

Our needs as follows;
MLB We would have to wreck our whole draft to get TEO so he's out as far as I'M concerned.

RB I really like Ball but not in the 1st possibly 2nd rnd if he's still there.
If we can't get Ball I'd settle for Eddie Lacey in the 3rd
Then I'd go after Burkhead later on .Really put some pressure on Moreno.

Then we need ;
WR I like Robinson to.
Safety McDonald from USC or Vacarro from Texas.
More quality depth for OL
and CB depth.
My thoughts and wish list, for what it's worth.

Minter is moving up the boards also may make it to the 1st rnd.

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