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Bmore Manning

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@Driver- thanks for feedback..

Bruton kept on for his role on special teams, Carter will be starting next year, or at the least in a rotation with Adams.

Hester and Gronkowski are expendable with the plathora of tight ends on the roster, two of which can block fairly well. I keep Hester over Gronkowski if one stays..

If we draft a RB, the backfield will be too crowded, Moreno is the largest cap hit, so he is a prime cap casualty candidate.

Wolfe will be inside next year, Big Vick with him, my draft pick would be great in a rotation and I think we will sign another in FA, who's just better like a Branch or Dorsey. Unrein isn't talented and Bannan is getting older. Run stuffers are a dime a dozen. That's Wolfe, Vick, Draft pick, FA, and Malik Jackson is still around.. But that's a better youthful interior.

Collie is dynamic when he's healthy and because of his familiarity with Manning I would take that chance. And I think Robinson would be an explosive project receiver!

I think Jones lasts around to the end of the first.. Maybe not..
I followed the current CBS big board, Minter was projected at 70..

Lattimore will not go undrafted, someone will reach on he and Monte Ball..
Bell reminds me a lot of Jonathan Stewart! He's going to fall to three because of the plathora of FA running backs that will be available. Bell and Hillman as the change of pace back would be exciting!
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