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Pot Roast

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Denver Cap Room- $10 Million

Resign- Clady, Colquitt, Vickerson, Carter, Harris, Bruton
Carter?? Tony?? I'd let Bruton walk, Liked him coming out of ND but he can't make it as a starter,over Adams?
Cut- DJ, Gronkowski, Hester, Haine, Moreno
Keep Hester and Moreno if they can keep contributing and stay healthy.
Let Walk- Porter, Willis, Leonhard, Bannan, Unrein, Ball
Keep Unrein he doesn't make a lot of "splash" but he is a good DT.Retire- Stokely, Brooking

Free Agency- Austin Collie WR
Doubt he can pass the physical.
Draft 2013
1. Barrett Jones C
2. Kevin Minter MLB
3. Le'Veon Bell RB
4. Denard RobinsonWR
5. Brandon Williams DT
7. Aaron Hester CB
Yes on Jones if he's there when we pick, I doubt he will be though. Picking at #32 sucks!
Minter will probably go in the 1st or very early in the 2nd IMO.

Bell ? I'd rather have Ball or Burkhead , "reach" for Ball in the second or move up for him in the 3rd if we can.

We do have an extra 4th and 6th rnd pick this year, and they will be fairly high thans to the Jets() No 7th though.

Something else we might think about, check on Lattimores surgury and see how he is progressing, if it looks good offer a free agent contract.

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