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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
Sorry don't have a link, heard this from the officials I worked with at that time. The woman leaves, the guy comes after her, sweet talks her to come back and kills her either when they are "negotiating" this or when she does, for leaving in the first place, or comes after her and puts those who are protecting her in danger because he does not care or finds her when she's in a place she least suspects him of coming after her, at work, etc. There was also a national poster on it a few years ago. The guy is not going to lose that control and if he can't have her no one will.

Was not suggesting they shouldn't leave because a lot do succeed in their lives afterward. Just pointing out it's a vicious cycle and the psycological factor is huge.
Sorry, was a couple drinks in yesterday and I didn't need to harp on you about that. I understand the principle, I think drunk me was going after "a very large number", which boggled my mind.
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