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Rahim Moore

Originally Posted by Bob View Post
So 16 trillion in debt doesn't matter? We will have inflation at some point and it will be significant - do you think that we can continue to have monetary easing without consequences? I would like for you to be right - that we could continue to spend much, much more than we bring in, but you are wrong on this point.

You must be one of those people that believed Obama when he said he would decrease the debt in half - when he doubled it. You are actually worried about our debt going down too fast? Freaking amazing! What color is the sky on your planet? Bush was very bad on this -- Obama, the Fed and Congress over the past four years have shockingly been worse. When the dollar bubble pops most likely they (and certainly you) will blame capitalism.
If you honestly want to know where we are coming from (not to necessarily win you over, but to just at least understand the argument), take the 20 minutes to watch this video Drek posted in an earlier thread:

Originally Posted by Drek View Post

And here is a link to the slideshow used in the video. Useful to have up while watching, as it's hard to read in the video.

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