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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
One of the most stupid things I've ever heard in my life. Yeah the woman has to have better smarts and to leave a douche like him but to say it's all on her is about as ignorant a comment as ever. The person committing the crime is the one who is responsible for the crime happening. You have control over your own actions. It's not her fault he hits her. She's stupid for staying, but not her fault the violence happens. You need to understand this.
i do understand it and it's no less true.
there is almost zero chance that a man who beats on a woman is going to stop when he sees no repercussions from it.
to him he's just keeping his woman "in check" and there is no one who is going to interfere.
it's almost always the same story every time, he beats on her, blames her for making him do it and threatens her if she tries to leave or get help.

but saying you only have control over your own actions is false in this scenario.
he can't do anything that you don't allow, whether it's cheating,beating or even verbal abuse.
for them to do it, someone has to be there to take it and keep taking it.
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