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Rahim Moore

Originally Posted by chadta View Post
So if a Canadian was to be in the USA on January 1st as you guys go off the cliff, what should he do ?

I spend the holidays in myrtle beach and am actually a little concerned.
You'll be fine. Seriously. I'm not really on board with the Intentionally Go Over the Cliff crowd, but it's seriously not a "cliff." It's a gradual slope. Look at the markets right now. They aren't panicking. If going past that deadline is going to send them plummeting, they would already be reacting. They obviously don't love the uncertainty here, and will react poorly if we pass the deadline, but it won't be armageddon by any stretch. The danger of going past the deadline is Washington rushing to make a deal that lets a lot of the austerity measures stay in place, which would be bad for growth.

But this will have zero impact on a vacation to Florida. There won't be panic in the streets, canceled flights, etc on Jan 1 if nothing was passed yet.
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