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Originally Posted by bronco militia View Post
random madden thoughts
1. ok now let see where is the quickest route out of oakland

2 .oakland more like jokeland

3. good thing i brought along some reading material from the madden cruiser

4. how much am i making off my madden game franchise

5.this a good time to work on my crossword .now whats a 6 letter word for defeat that has L in it

6.thank god im not the coach of this godawful team anymore

7. i hope those black hole crazies dont steal the hub caps off the madden cruiser like they always do

8. dammit i cant sneak out now the tv cameras are watching me .

9. what should i order ? chicken nah too small ,fish way too small, pork still too small, big beefy heifer yeah now thats the right size. does joke i mean oakland sell whole cows ??

10 . local oakland football team looking for bus driver to drive inmates back and forth between home games and prison apply in person


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