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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
i'm sorry, i hate women beaters with a passion.
but at some point it's all on the woman for letting them continue to do it.
there is too much information out there and too many ways to get help to allow that type of stuff to continue, especially when you bring kids into the equation.
Information? What information? That he's hitting her? She knows that. She doesn't allow him to continue, she truly thinks it will stop. The makeup period is the best and that's what sticks with her. Low self esteem feeds her need to change him. Plus the fear often stops women from leaving because a very larger number are killed by their abuser after they leave. It becomes a very brain washing situation. I learned some of this after working with domestic violence victims. BUT I still do not understand, nor do I have sympathy for the women who allow their children to be abused as well. A mother should do whatever to protect their children.
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