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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by HAT View Post
The easiest path is HFA.

None of this will matter if Denver doesn't win out, but if they do I'm pretty confident that they will be rewarded with #1 seed.

You guys are so caught up about how "there is no way" Houston loses 3 of 4 that you don't see that they can't lose 3 until they lose 1.

I get that most people have fond memories of Kubiak & bad memories of McD bit I don't really care.....Go Broncos (every week) & go Pats (this week).
Hey I'd like to win Powerball and marry Katie Holmes, but thats not happening. Let hope for something that is at least within the realm of possiblity. If we win out and Patties lose 1 game(doesn't matter against how or against who) they are 12-4 against our 13-3.
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