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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
I still think Trevathan can be a great MLB for the Broncos. He has the speed, size, and was a tackling machine in college.

He's the same size and speed as Jon Beason...maybe faster.

Trevathan's playing time just keeps's going to be very hard to keep him off the field.

WLB - Woodyard
MLB - Trevathan
SLB - Miller

I'm not sure that he has the capacity to make the front seven defense calls. Also I'd like my MLB to be closer to 250 than 220. But maybe he has the size to handle a few more pounds.

I know I have liked what I have seen of him, let's hope he can handle it and will get the rest ofthe year to sell himself for the job. If not it is time to get one in the Off season.

Thanks for actually posting about players. " Refreshing it is"- Yoda
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