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Is it safe there?
I've been there several times over the last 10 years for Colts games. I went both with and without a Colts Jersey.

Contrary to common sentiment, I never had a problem.
- Maybe I was lucky?
- I know I didn't go in like an a'hole, looking for trouble. I was courteous, still cheered for the Colts, and had a good time.
- Lower level seats are always a plus. The higher you go, the drunker fans get. The drunker they get, the more chance for trouble.
- Best not too spend much time solo. The buddy system sounds a little gay, but is worth it.
- Drink (if you drink), but never get wasted.
- When the game ends, get out of dodge.

These rules are true at stadium as an away fan. Being a lifelong Colts fan and living in NJ, I have lived my life as the away fan. Jets, Giants, Philly, Baltimore, though mostly Jets. Never had a problem at any stadium.
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